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What quality checks does Menopause Relief go through?Updated a year ago

Menopause Relief goes through rigorous checks in order to meet our quality standards before they are shipped out. Here's a breakdown of our quality check process. 

Pre-production quality checks: - Raw ingredient sampling is done to ensure purity. - Ingredients are mixed in a food-grade V blender, which ensures you get the correct mixture of Menopause Relief content. - Menopause Relief content is tested to ensure ingredient levels meet standards. - All capsules are weighed to ensure uniformity in amount. - Menopause Relief uses pharmaceutical grade bottles, double-sealed internally and externally to maintain freshness and long storage life.

Post-production quality checks: - Every bottle is lot-coded, and we keep samples from every batch, so we can trace the bottles whenever we receive customer feedback. - QC team reviews the safety seals, capsule count, and label readability which ensure it's safe for consumption. - Completed bottles are also tested to double-confirm their purity & ingredient amount so you can be assured that you are taking a reliably high-quality supplement.

This means each bottle contains only what is needed while adhering to US standards and compliance requirements.

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