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Refund PolicyUpdated 5 months ago

Refund & Cancellation Policy

We believe that the success of any brand lies in the number of happy customers they create. This is why we’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Autoship Subscription:

Our Autoship subscription allows you to schedule regular shipments of supplements to your home. You have two options to choose from:

  • Monthly subscription:
    Your order will be charged and shipped every month.

  • Quarterly subscription:
    Your order will be charged and shipped every 10 weeks (currently available in select countries).

Subscription commitment: 

The minimum commitments for subscriptions are designed with your best interests in mind, as we have observed that most customers experience significant results within 90 days.

Please note the following minimum commitments for each type of subscription:

  • For AS-Monthly:
    The first 3 charges/orders must be completed

  • For AS-Quarterly:
    Only the first order, equivalent to 3 Charges/orders.

Money-Back Guarantee: 

  • None. No money-back guarantee for subscriptions placed after Dec 11, 2023. We encourage customers to try our products using the one-time purchase option before subscribing to automated monthly shipments.

Order Cancellation For Autoship Subscriptions:

  • To ensure a smooth cancellation process, it is best to contact us before your next order is charged. 
  • Our subscription has a minimum of 3 charges before cancelation. This is part of the terms and conditions of our refund policy. Once you have fulfilled the minimum commitment, you can cancel your Autoship subscription. 
  • If you've signed up for our subscription plan but need to cancel before completing the three minimum orders, you absolutely can! However, you will be charged the difference in price for any products you receive at the discounted subscription rate. Please keep in mind that our subscription plan offers the greatest discount, and there are early cancellation terms due to these additional savings.

Please follow the instructions so you can go ahead with your cancelation/return request smoothly.

**Orders placed during the commitment period cannot be canceled or returned.

Manage Your Subscription:

We understand that preferences may change over time. Therefore, you can swap your product or bundle within your subscription. Also, you can pause the next charge for up to 3 weeks if you need a temporary break.


One-time Purchases:

Money-Back Guarantee:

We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee from the delivery date of the first order of each unique product/bundle (3 bottles).


Cancel your order through Self-service within 4 hours before it’s fulfilled.


  • For one-time purchases, returns are only accepted within 90 days of the purchase date, and the item must be in its original condition (unopened).
  • Defective items/Package

Please follow these instructions to proceed with your cancelation/return request smoothly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions regarding refunds or the return process.


  • Parcels that are returned to the sender's address without prior contact with our support team are NOT valid for a refund. The sender address and business registration address are NOT the same address as our returns facility.


  • For Money-back guarantee claims, please contact us; our friendly customer support team will help you.
  • For orders canceled within 4 hours, refunds are processed in 3 to 5 business days and will reflect on your statement based on your payment method.
  • A refund fee of 7% will be deducted from all refunds. The refund fee is a charge incurred during the refund process to cover any other expenses associated with processing the refund.
  • For Returns:
    Once the return is processed, please contact us upon the tracking update on the courier’s portal, we will issue a refund, and it will reflect on your statement based on your payment method.
  • Please note:
    Late or missing refunds: There is often some processing time by the banks before a refund is reflected in your bank statement. Hence refrain from filing a dispute as it would delay the refund process, sometimes by 28 days. 
  • If we have processed your refund, and it’s not showing in your bank account after a few days, please get in touch with your bank.


Rejuvit Labs has no control over these charges, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. 

Disclaimer: Being well-informed about health-related products before purchasing them is essential. FDA advises consumers to consult with a health care professional before taking any supplement.

Still, Have More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding refunds or how to return your item to us

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