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I'm facing a technical issue on the website.Updated a year ago

Examples include being unable to update payment method, unable to login, unable to edit cart items, bugs at checkout. Kindly try these steps:

  • Please re-attempt your shopping using Google Chrome browser if you're not using already. Our customers observed that Chrome browser generally functions better than Safari and Firefox.
  • If you're already on Chrome, please try “incognito” mode by clicking on the    on the top right > Select "New Incognito tab" > Revisit the page you were previously on. This starts your browser in a fresh state and should overcome many technical issues. 

If the issue persists after the above steps, please contact us by submitting a request formTo speed up the process, kindly have the following ready:

  • The URL of the page
  • The steps before the error or what you were trying to do
  • A screenshot of the whole page with the issue you're facing
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