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Do you have a money-back guarantee?Updated 6 months ago

Yes! We understand that deciding about supplements can be overwhelming, and you should only pay for a product that benefits you while having sufficient time to experience its results.

Money-back Guarantee policy is as follows:

  • Autoship subscribers (that started from Jan 9, 2023, onwards):
    • None. No money-back guarantee for subscriptions placed after Dec 11, 2023. We encourage customers to try our products using the one-time purchase option before subscribing to automated monthly shipments.
  • One-time purchases:
    90-day money-back guarantee on the first order of each unique product/bundle (3 bottles).
    • Please note that empty bottles should be returned to qualify for the money-back guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the results after the guarantee period, you can contact us by submitting a request form with the reason, and we’ll make arrangements accordingly.

** Note: The guarantee does not cover the Shipping or customs/SGT charges. We do not provide return labels. All return shipping costs should be covered by the buyer.

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