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Do I need to take both Menopause Relief and Belly Reset to see any noticeable changes?Updated a year ago

Menopause Relief works well on its own. Many customers have found great results after taking it itself

The main ingredient of Menopause Relief is called L Gasseri. Based on human clinical trials, 210 subjects who took L Gasseri lost 8.5% of body fat in just 12 weeks even without a change in diet or exercise.

The other ingredients of Menopause Relief further enhance its weight loss effectiveness. 

However, many customers have been asking us how they can get faster and better results.

So besides Menopause Relief, we have created other products such as Belly Reset.

It is designed to further help our customers.

Belly Reset is a super prebiotic blend. It works by “feeding” the probiotic strains found in Menopause Relief. As you may be aware, it takes 2-4 weeks for the probiotic strain to fully take root and germinate in the gut. By feeding it with prebiotics, they can proliferate faster, thus getting faster results.

In addition, ingredients in Belly Reset have been found to improve sleep, reduce stress and elevate overall mood.

To summarize, Menopause Relief works well on its own. You can try it by itself to see how it goes. But if you want an additional boost, try both Menopause Relief and Belly Reset


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