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Can't complete your purchase?Updated a year ago

If you're paying by credit card and you see an error message after clicking on "Complete Purchase", we recommend you to try the following:   

  • Try purchasing from our online store
  • Check that your card payment limit has not been maxed out
  • Try another card
  • Contact your bank to approve the charge or...
  • Select the PayPal option to checkout instead (highly recommended as it has less payment decline issues)

If you've already selected PayPal but can't complete your order:

  • Your bank may be declining it. Please contact your bank to approve this charge. 

    Rest assured, we use an international payment merchant to process your payment securely and all your details will be encrypted.
  • There may be insufficient funds in your PayPal account, which you would need to top up
  • You may have reached your PayPal payment limit, which you should contact PayPal to raise it
Need further assistance?

Contact us by submitting a request form and our friendly customer support will do their best to help you.
To speed up the process, we recommend mentioning what you've tried and sending us screenshots of any error you're facing, so we can provide the most accurate solution at the soonest.
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