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Are there any clinical trials or studies done on Menopause Relief?

There are no clinical trials done on Menopause Relief itself so far. That said, we formulated Menopause Relief using clinically-tested ingredients. You can refer to the references at the bottom of our Menopause Relief product page to read more. On to

Are these products FSA approved?

No, our products do not qualify as a Flexible Spending Account approved expense.

Are these products USDA approved?

Our products are not USDA-organic certified.

Does your product have a freeze dried, or live probiotic?

Our probiotics are freeze-dried, but the process does not affect their potency and allows them to be shelf-stable without refrigeration.

What quality checks does Menopause Relief go through?

Menopause Relief goes through rigorous checks in order to meet our quality standards before they are shipped out. Here's a breakdown of our quality check process. Pre-production quality checks: - Raw ingredient sampling is done to ensure purity. - In